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[Music] I think or gist and a very happy affordable April to you if you’ve not heard every video coming out this entire month has an affordable theme or will be using drugstore makeup so if you’d like to be notified of new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday all month long please subscribe and thank you if you do today I’m showing you a full face of my most favorite elf makeup a lot of old stuff here I’m not buying anything new right now I know a lot of us are not so we’re gonna make the best of it use what we have and give us an opportunity to rediscover stuff that we probably haven’t picked up in a long while at least I know that’s the case here for me I have already gone ahead and applied my moisturizer I used the elf jelly pop moisturizer I love this stuff I’m really sad you can’t get it anymore because it’s a fabulous moisturizer I’ve also already applied an eyeshadow primer it was not an elf primer because I’m not too fond of their eyeshadow primer personally but I used the Milani one today in case you are curious also applying elfs poreless face primer I love this one it’s been one that I have used off and on since I first discovered it many moons ago I can’t even tell you how long it’s been but I love it for the eyes I am going to combine up two eyeshadow palettes I discovered very recently these are some of elfs new bite sized palettes and these were my absolute favorites out of all of the palettes they came out with recently and if you missed my full review on them we’ll have those videos linked for you below I’m going to be using truffles today along with cream and sugar I love the color selection within these palettes and I’m really thinking I want to do a dark smoky eye it’s been a long time since I’ve done a really date night kind of look and I want to go that route the first shade I’ll take is from the cream and sugar palette and I’m using this dark brown and I’m going to apply that all over the lid I’m not going to carry this color too high and you’ll notice I’m using a rather fluffy brush to apply this and that because I don’t want to pack it onto the lid you use a fluffier brush like this it gives you a lighter application application doesn’t need to be perfect as you can see mine really isn’t here because we’re gonna add more color to it anyway next shade I’m taking is from the truffles palette and I’m using this lighter brown paint brush here and I’m going to apply this into the crease then taking this shade a little bit higher than the one I applied previously and I’m going back and blending this eyeshadow out at least the harsh edges of it I’m using my wet and wild brulee eyeshadow then I am going to take a little bit of a smaller brush here this is the AOA Studio II one two three brush just a regular flat paddle brush and I’m using that black shade from the truffles palette not taking much because that is a very highly pigmented eyeshadow and the way I’m going to apply this is begin to dot it along the lash line using my Sigma e25 this one never fails me I’m going to take a little bit more of that black eyeshadow just a touch and then I’m going to use that to blend any harsh edges up into the brown so working on that blend and then once I feel like I’ve gotten a really good blend going like this is looking really good here I’m going to go back with more of that Brown that I used initially I think it was remember oops I think it was the one from the cream and sugar palette okay yeah we’ll just use that dark brown then I’m going to go over that black and the reason I’m combining these two is that it keeps the look from getting too dark too harsh so it’s not like a straight black eye it’s more of a brown black and you can check your blending by tilting your head back like this and looking at your lids I’ve talked about this before so if it’s a repeat for some people I’m sorry but this helps me to really see the areas that need to be blended a little further and then if you feel like you need to you can go back with some more of this lighter brown from the truffles palette and apply that over the edges of the brown so applying it back into the crease and I’m also going to dust this over the black a little bit too and that will help to blend everything together cohesively so that looks really good up to this point now to finish this look off what I’m going to do is take this really beautiful shimmer shaved from the cream and sugar palette and using profusion Cosmetics flat shader I shadow brush this is their es5 it’s just a very small paddle brush I loaded up that brush with some of the eyeshadow and then I spritzed it with a setting spray and I’m going to apply this wet directly on the center of the eye in a very concentrated way and then once that’s fully dry you can go back with a fluffy brush again lightly go over the edges and blend it back into the look I don’t have an elf eyeliner to use for this next step but what I am going to use is this one from la girl it’s the ultimate eye auto liner in the shade deepest Brown I’m going to apply this on to the waterline I’m also going to tight line the upper lash line moving onto the face to complete this look I do have a little bit of fallout from the eye shadow as you can see there but that’s why I do my eyes first in my face mask so I’ll clean that up with my concealer I’m using the elf 16 our camo concealer I love this stuff shade that I’m using here by the way is light peach and you really don’t need much of this I mean that’s way too much I could probably use that for both eyes and I think that I just might I love this one because the coverage is so beautiful you wouldn’t think for the price that you pay for this one that it would be as great as it is but it’s a love love love love love it the rest of the day is I’m using elfs BB cream this is in the shade fair love this one for how lightweight it is and how skin like it is it doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything after you’ve applied it and you can see that I mean how it blends in it’s one of the best BB creams I own I absolutely love it and then to set everything I’m using this finishing powder from ELF that’s all it says finishing powder and after I do this step I am going to add a little bit more under the eyes because when you have a smoky eye like this I like to dramatize the lower lashline a little bit more so what I’m going to do is try to hold the palette first I am a klutz just so you know I am taking the perfusion cosmetics es7 brush this is a very small brush as you can see there a little bit of that black eyeshadow from the truffles palette and I’m going to smudge that along the lower lash line I’m going to keep this very tight to that lash line also I’m not going to bring it into the inner corner so much but making it a little bit thicker on the outer corner I’m taking my Sigma e30 pencil brush going in with that lighter brown that we used in the crease initially and I’m going to blur the edges of the black with that brush adding a mascara this is the essence get big lashes of volume boost no no elf mixed mascaras I’m not sure if I’ve ever really tried one before maybe I have and I forgot about it but well let me know do they make mascara I guess what I should have asked is do they make mascaras worth trying because of course they make mascaras I mean their name is eyes lips face for the rest of the face here I am going with a trusted old favorite this is one of my most beloved blush palettes that I own I love the colors in here there is no name to reference on here it just says total face palette I’m gonna start with this shade right here and use it as contour I also really love their cream cheek blush palette that’s another one of my favorites it was hard for me to decide between that one and this one for this video but I haven’t used this one in a while and I love it and then for my blush I’m going to take this shade right here again nobody would ever be able to guess how much this face cost you do though you know and then for my lips you know it’s going through all my lipsticks out of all six I have and I was surprised at how limited I am in ELF lipsticks i I don’t own that many and I think it’s because I had to purge not too long ago actually and I did end up throwing out a lot of them that had expired and just looked kind of gross so I need to try some new ones so if you have some machines to recommend feel free to do that below but I’m using the elf pencil this is from the nabela noir collection that came out last year I think this is just that simple Brown lip pencil I wasn’t prepared to draw heart but there you go so I’m going to apply that on the lips first I’m not gonna fill in the lips I’m just going to outline them and then using their liquid matte lipstick in the shade of blushing Rose I’m going to apply that over the top [Music] [Applause] [Music] and that is the entire look completed I absolutely love it oh no I have to go wash it off seriously love this look and I hope that you found it inspiring today also if you’re interested in into the products I used to create this gorgeousness right here I have all of them listed for you below thank you for being here for taking the time to watch I want to wish you a beautiful week ahead I look forward to seeing you again next time

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