hey everyone but back to my channel so today I’m going to doing my fill-up coverage foundation routine I ain’t gonna be covering absolutely everything son from primer foundation cream contour concealer sin bronzer highlighting everything I’m just gonna be covering all the steps that I would usually do if I was going on say it like a night out or a special occasion that I run my makeup to last all night or all day long and it’s gonna be really heavy Jetley before I got started this might be quite a lot of makeup to some people but like just came mind that we don’t all wear cake this every single day I don’t the first product I like to it go in and use is mac fix+ I just use this because I just find that it just refreshes my skin if I might just grabbing my skin for everything else I’m going to be placed on top of it so this is just their Rose Center fix plus and you just like um whenever I am at doing this I will go in with hey primers I would go in with a primer that is going to fill my pores I will just place this primer just make the center of my face like my t-zone area now let just on that the rest of my face I would want with a mattifying primer I’m not too sure what brand that says I’m guessing that it’s touching soul but this is there no poor blem primer I bought this because I sing on her Jeffrey start talking about this and he said it was quite good so if it’s good for a Jewish star I think it might be quite nice so about the ball there and I just like to rub just in those areas so then gonna work for that filling up the early foundation this is that blue filter at soft matte device a foundation this is the profile of primer Soria I’m nearly sure I said foundation there I found out this is saying they’re like primer I would go on with just Oliver at the rest of my face because I like to have like a matte finish with my foundation and my face makeup and I’m Sam but then if I want more of a shine or a glow that is whatever my highlighter welcoming but other than that I just like to stay with in that vyas when their primer stole the tiny sea but tacky I just go on and just press and sonar we are ready for a foundation I have no started to put my eyebrows on after my foundation usually I would put my eyebrows on first and then carve the might whoever and then put my foundation on I think my life of dangerous life the foundation I’m gonna be some today is the hello beauty for filter a foundation this is in the sheared creme brulee I have no effect on on whatsoever it so I’m just hoping that this matches me but the brush I’m gonna be taking for that please excuse hi adore ever says this is their kira deal a hero brush i have a discount code if anybody want to use it so i really like to just start on the bottom area of my face then i just like to start by it going on like damn like patting motions to ashes to just to spread out the foundation first like i’m really yellow Oh Greg why did I always do this seriously why whenever I have most of it on I’m just going to start buffing in circular motions and I like to let my foundation over my lips because I like to cancel out the color of my lips like to take pump more and this is BA just going to it my forehead area like this point I shouldn’t like a little goes a long way but I’m telling you sup sometimes I need to take my own advice I am aware that I look crazy right now so for consider I’m going to use the heart-shaped tip and this is in the shade fair cause this is so light I literally only like to do the tiniest weak dots I don’t like to go crazy with an actual triangle ship and then I just like to put the tiniest seed back just set the lower center part of my nose and I like to take a dump sponge and I just take to the lands that and this the Real Techniques the a blender would be a sponge thing I should prefer this over the actual Beauty Blender itself don’t know why so that they haven’t went to find a blend an item just blend in at don’twe I don’t bring my considerable weight right because whenever you bring your concealer at the hallway right the way that has given the illusion of a wider face whereas I want the center of my face be more highlight and snatched of longer if you know what that is why I did not bring my concealer right out to here and that’s why I also would do not blend it out to here I would blend it like a ranger best area but I did not bring it right out because I did not want the illusion of having a bigger face and I’m just going to school straight into it cream contour before I set everything in place as you can see I’ve went balls deep into this one whereas I think because I’m more appeal I think I’m just going to take the tiny bit of this one here and this is the iconic London mattias contouring set because this is quite pigmented I like to just do the tiny sweet dots just on them parts of my forehead and then whatever is left on the brush and just going to follow at that line and I just continue like whatever product that is still left on my brush I’m just going to flick it off the way but then to blend out my cream contour a whisk went with like eight dance step one brush this is the brush I usually use here I just find that step one brushes in jail for our brushes are so easy to blend ice cream products they just burn them I so flawless like so I think I’ve actually mentioned this before but as you can see with the bristles there’s obviously more bristles here than there is here the bristles are quite sparse on this area like I’ve said this before I am Not sure maybe twice that’s just if you’re in nature my channel or new to these brushes and these are going to give you if you’re using that these with a cream product or a cream base or cream anathan if you’re a buffing their product like with one of these brushes it is going to give you the most awesomest airbrushed finish anyway I love this for my foundation it does the exact same job but whenever you are actually buffing and circular motions air is going to get trapped in between the different lengths and the different whatever color type bristles that you can hear and that is gonna give it that airbrushed effect so everything is just still airbrushed and that u4f is basically just looks Photoshop to be honest and it’s just effortless light like your brushes really do your work for you sometimes if you really just invest in them just gonna take my Beauty Blender again and I’m just going to blend out the edges get time for certain so the certain period that I have been using and recently and I am a burner is the Too Faced Born This Way at certain powder I’ve got it for Christmas and I really wanted this for Christmas because I just seen so many people wave on a boat on you should um me and my like money MEA and everything so I’d like to be honest with you think like I love this set and tighter and it is a lift tub of certain powder I don’t know what is a good listener because I don’t use less certain fighters I would only use like dress satin fighters so I don’t necessarily know what’s a good one what a good one is and what bad one is but all I know is yes again one thing I don’t like my certain fighters make lists and fighters it’s the fact that they can be so messy but this one has a we tab um and then you just like Scheck I but I always look at this like how am I supposed to get I I didn’t obviously have the common sense to do there so I basically just like to take a lot and I actually go in with the other side of my beauty sponge and I just dip in the tiniest little bit just for night before I do that I’m going to go back in and check to see if I have any missing anywhere because you obviously didn’t want to search Europe creases so I have someplace and underneath my eyes so I’m just going to take the creases away from one eye first and then I’m going to turn my spawn joint and I go to set straight away I’m just going to grab another at wee bit of powder I’m gonna turn my sponge and again take the creasing away from the other side I wish that person would stop texting me Mom you see I’m trying to make money here i sponged round straightaway with the high drama and I go through a set like it in mind I only put the tiniest about pie drawn because I end up like turning my sponge around and over them it just makes things easier so that is my on rice kind of like sets loosely for a night so now I’m just going to go crazy basically so I just like to set my chin area up my area nose area to area head area and between my eyebrows everywhere you can also back with this pointer as well so I just like to basically go ham just on the areas that I always would set the most and then whatever excess is left on my sponge I will go and I will set the rest of my face so when i have my eyebrows on reason there ourselves up over the hills I’m really highlighter Oh every time I open this it’s like so I just want to be high like I’m not just to my usual so Mike you miss bill I just a tiny figure at my 10 that just all the highest points on my face just mainly focusing on the tip of my nose and my chickens I realized I think this is an absolute beautiful highlighter like the formula of it is absolutely a floor and the color of it is absolutely beautiful but I got this I thought it did look quite golden which it does look quite golden in summitry flights of light and whenever I thought that whenever I put on that I thought it was going to have like align the basin placement of highlighters on you get this line and then whenever you look straight you can see like an ash enos of a line or something and I’m gonna gonna fit more fake this is the continuous 7 continue setting mess and I’m just going to set my face for tiny sweets it so then whenever that is still kind of tacky I’m just going to go on a second layer because I usually like to you go in with quite a feat highlighters I never usually just use one because I like my highlight to be so intense so neither bronzer release their Briony Anastasi at pyrrha bronzer at this in this shared subtle I just realize and I am so sorry well sorry not sorry I’m using so many high-end products I think everything I’ve used today as I and well-liked expensive OOP I think oh I think Quizlet gay full coverage like a foundation ting that I’m basically doing today but obviously makes switch up the products to drugstore once and like another fill face tutorial I’m gonna do so I basically just like to do my bronzer last because it just ties everything together I think I think just like bronzer or just sets everything off so much as I’ve said in previous videos I like to do my highlight your first and then my bronzer because I put so much highlighter on that it does look quite lining whenever I just have it all on nothing else so then I will go in with my bronzer and I’ll kind of like diffuse all and together so it does look at eventually they’re more seamless you know it’s kind of like a highlighter and bronzer intercourse I do not want to bronze too much because that’s why and she still – it’s more bronzer on I just want to take this to fear spider again and I’m just going to get back underneath my bronzer so I’m not that worried about like cotton up here it’s merely these areas here that you’re want to like sharpen up and define my skin looks lovely amazing but I think I look better I don’t ever have like my eye makeup on but to set everything in place I’m going to go in again with their Morpheus so spray focus on the one time I finish and then it’s slowly go around kinda oh then at once I’m kind of like a Sabbath in a place I don’t move my face and I like to grab like a palette or something because I don’t know about anybody else but I do not like being squirted in the face with what or anything like I love what I run and I my face but don’t square anything on my face I don’t like having the feeling of where is am I going to go off camera and finish my eye makeup and then I will be back so remember to stay at completed look so this is my ultimate full coverage for invasion retaining but make sure you follow me on snapchat Instagram a post will be linked down below so until next time thank you all for watching what

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