Easy 3-Step Glowing/Dewy Makeup Tutorial (No Highlighter!!)

[Music] hey guys welcome back if you’re new here my name is Smita welcome to my channel today’s look is really special because this is the kind of routine that I follow pretty much every single day during spring and summer when the Sun is out and it’s shining bright and I want to show the world that I’m glowing from within without much makeup and I always feel pleasantly surprised when people come up to me and say my skin looks fabulous so I want to share this with you today and show you how it’s done in three simple steps so if you’re ready let’s get started and if you new here please take a moment to subscribe [Music] the first step is to use an illuminating primer the one that I’m using is Rimmel lasting finish primer this is long-lasting and it also Perfect’s your skin it fills in the pores and it gives you this beautiful glow as you can see the glow is so beautiful and it illuminates the entire face now you can also use a tinted moisturizer with glow in it I know Jergens has quite a few options or you can also use something like Maybelline master strobe but I personally prefer a primer because it clings onto your foundation and makes it long-lasting now others just keep in mind you have to apply a light to medium coverage foundation because you want the illumination from within to beat through the foundation and show on the outside if you apply a full coverage foundation over this it will pretty much cover everything and you cannot see anything underneath of the foundation so make sure you apply a light to medium coverage foundation and that’s pretty much what you need on a daily basis and my foundation of choice today is the L’Oreal infallible 24 hour fresh wear foundation and this is in the shade 475 I picked this foundation for a few different reasons this is perfect for everyday wear because it’s so lightweight as you can see it’s so runny so it’s perfect for every day and it’s also buildable to medium to full coverage if you plan to apply this to a special occasion or a party and second it has that glowy finish that we are looking forward to today and third because it’s got inbuilt SPF so it’s going to protect you from the sun’s rays and forth because it’s long lasting I’m just going to apply it with a foundation brush you can also use a kabuki brush or a beauty sponge it’s a personal choice I feel like brushes are so quick so I’m just using a foundation brush [Music] and I’m using a little bit extra foundation to cover my dark circles and I’m going to just use my finger to blend it out one because fingers are faster to blend a product and second because fingers don’t absorb any products like the sponges and the brushes so it gives you a better coverage now there are a few areas around the face where the foundation can settle in the fine lines and start to crease so we’ll only very lightly set those areas with very little powder and the one that I’m using is from NYC you can use any loose powder we don’t want to be setting the entire face because we’re going for a dewy look today and setting the entire face will mattify it and now comes the most important step the most magical step if you ask me of making this entire makeup very glowy and dewy and also make it very long-lasting which is to use a setting spray which gives you a dewy finish one that I’m using again is from the drugstore this is the next dewy finish setting spray this lasts me an entire day as you can see it kind of settles on the skin and when it dries it gives you that beautiful glow a dewy finish and the whole purpose of using a setting sprays to make your makeup long-lasting like you have hairspray is to kind of set your hair and hold it in its place just like that you have setting sprays for the face to make your makeup long-lasting and to keep it in place and that’s pretty much it how simple was that other than this I just apply a lipstick and mascara and I’m good to go and look at that beautiful dewy glowy look that gives you I live for this kind of a look I hope you guys like this video and you enjoyed watching me don’t forget to comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed watching it don’t forget to hit the like button share and subscribe if you’re new here for your convenience I’m listing all the products that I use today in the description box below you’ll also find my social media accounts so make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook for more looks and more inside scoop and more chatting and whatnot I love you guys so much and I will see you soon with a brand new tutorial bye guys [Music]

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